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I was sick of PSORIAZIS

I was sick of PSORIAZIS

I healed with DENIPLANT®

Without diet or any other restrictions

Without ointments or any allopathic medicine


Incredible but true! Unique in the world!


Incredible but true! Unique in the world!


It is a powder witch was obtained from medicinal plants.



Erythematosus lupus

Zona Zoster



Method of administration and dosage:

Deniplant is for intern use in exclusivity. It is preparing 750 ml of mixture witch is drinking everyday step by step.


There aren't any.The used medicinal plants are not toxic

Adverse reactions:

There are not in a long time for using(2-3 years)

Treatment duration :

In report with the evolution of the disease in treatment. Generally, between 6 months and 2 years.

Other indications:

Without diet or other restrictions.

If you had a diet, you will have to give it up easily as you start the treatment with the tea

Without ointment or other medicines for intern or extern use.

You must give up at the ointments you had used. If you don't resist without them, thing that it is possible, you will use at first a cosmetic cream. A one without drugs. You must learn the body live without ointments. As fast as better. If the cosmetic cream isn't to good, where it is strictly necessary you can apply a little of the ointment you had used but rarely and in parallel with the cosmetic cream.

This aspect it is very important cause if you will use in parallel the ointment, the skin will heal at surface faster than the intern causes and you get tricked. The real healing is when you drink the tea and you treat the intern causes. Don't scratch and don't break the peels they will fall normally easier. Each time you break them you make the healing process get longer and the surface can also extend. You can shower daily but don't rub the skin


How I discovered this treatment:

How I discovered this treatment:

Going in a trip in Vrancea,

an old lady recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine “Healing and remedies for sicknesses “.

I took that old book and I copied word by word and that’s how I found out about the great remedies of fitotherapy.

At first I didn't believe but the words of that old lady stayed into my mind “ Try this healing too cause you have nothing to lose.”

And I listened to tat old lady's advice, I started reading that book for hundreds of times and I started looking for the plants and making different mixtures. And the results appeared in the sense that throwing ointments I could handle to resist with the natural treatment and without diet.

So it appeared Deniplant Tea.

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Note of the author

 Note of the author

From the beginning I would like that the reader to not be upset on me for the fact that being patient in reading all this rows he didn’t find the essential elements that made me give the title of this work. This happens because of the element, which is the object of an invention, and you can’t know it.
I wrote these with the wish that they will mean a moral help, a shining of help for the people who suffer of the sickness named Psoriasis. They should have trust in this treatment with plants (Fitotherapy), they will find out that the new medicine can’t help.
By saying, “I was sick of Psoriasis “ I entered in a wanted contradiction to the actual, new medicine. All the doctors have told me, as they tell to the all other patients, that this sickness is hopeless, without realizing that they make something to the patients. If in the case of a man with cancer the doctor doesn’t tell to the patient that is hopeless why don’t they us this in the case of the man who suffers of Psoriasis?
The way I used and the time which passed (over 17 years), time in which the sickness didn’t reappear, make me consider right to say, “I was sick of Psoriasis “. All the doctors have told me that the sickness might appear even after 15 to20 years and that this isn’t a healing and just a temporary amelioration. But I permit to make a comparation not very opportune. If by getting cold and after the treatment, I get cold once more and after coming winter I get cold again, could I say that cold is a helpless disease? Even if this comparation is a little bit forced I just wanted you to know that now there is a treatment which treats the intern causes of the Psoriasis and this skin disease can be healed or at least ameliorated for a long time. THE DENIPLANT TEA EXISTS! I agree that there is the possibility of getting sick again. I will treat again with the tea and I will get healed for other 20 years.
Wouldn’t you, the man suffering of Psoriasis, be content of this?

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MY own case

 My own case

For proving what I wrote till now I’ll start with my own case. the first part of the sickness was in the time I was at the military hyschool. I couldn’t get good accommodation there for the fact of the privations. Far home, far parents, moving in a small place surrounded by high walls, the impossibility of getting down town when you want, executing strict activities that I had to manage with. On this fond was also the problem of a professor which in time of 3 years, every trimester was giving me bad marks and I was in a raugh situation but in the last day I was promoted. Isn’t this a stress to live in the third trimester to know that you might be expelled. So every trimester, every year I took little by little poison and my organism couldn’t resist any more. That’s how I got Psoriasis.
At first I had lots of treatments with ointments. I was healed for a short time but after they appeared again. Especially the stress factor as always present.
After the military hyschool I went to the officer school where I had to manage with a bigger stress and more privations.
After the first year of school, my organism didn’t respond well to ointments, my organism was depending on ointments.
I had to take the treatment with ultraviolet razes, after a year of treatment, in the next year 1980 the razes didn’t have any more the effect from the first use. The sickness was on my whole body. That’s why I had to do, time of 2 months, PUVA razes. After this treatment the lesions have healed in a proportion of 95% staying only some points in the places were the lesions were.
Going in a trip in Vrancea, an old lady recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine “Healing and remedies for sicknesses “.
I took that old book and I copied word by word and that’s how I found out about the great remedies of fitotherapy.
At first I didn’t believe but the words of that old lady stayed into my mind “ Try this healing too cause you have nothing to lose.”
And I listened to tat old lady’s advice, I started reading that book for hundreds of times and I started looking for the plants and making different mixtures. And the results appeared in the sense that throwing ointments I could handle to resist with the natural treatment and without diet.
So it appeared Deniplant Tea.
After this treatment I noticed that the lesions didn’t form any more and the points were disappearing easier. That was the first sign the first hope that I made, which told me tat I will heal.
I can’t say that everything worked great, as I wanted cause the treatment was a continuos s research and a continuos experience. There were moments when the organism didn’t answer with the same fastness, as I wanted. After all my research (on me) I found out that even if I will double the treatment the sickness won’t heal faster. The organism reacts on his one rules.
At first I did an alcoholic extract and a decoct which I combined. But to consume some boiled plants, which don’t have even a good taste, from day to day, from month to month, wasn’t what I really wanted.
Even if I saw that the skin was healing herself, without ointments or diet I had the temptation to use ointments to escape of the plants, cause I was sick of them. Then I realized that I was fooling my self cause the lesions were reappearing. After, I found out that by introducing all the plants in the decoct it were better results but my organism was sick of plants. So I thought I could do something so the taste could be better and I could manage easier with it. That’s how I introduced lemon in the treatment. By introducing lemon I got a really good refreshing drink. I didn’t agree with putting aromas more or less natural, for correcting the taste of the tea as many teas are made.
Then I tried to change the Deniplant tea into effervescent pills, so it could be much easier to use. But my research got that a part of the vegetal products used by be can’t be copied synthetically and the ones that can be copied can give adverse reactions.
That’s why I thought that it would be better if I would let the Deniplant tea in its original plants mixture and forest fruits 100% natural so there won’t appear later any bad manifestations and so the sickman won’t have what to be afraid of.
But the diet, I say that I had no restrictions, even if in that book was recommended this. It’s also true that my menu was improved with fruits and vegetables but I didn’t interdict myself the other foods. I eat even pork food, beef, chicken, fish, all I wanted, so I had a normal life. I remember that at first I didn’t drink any alcohol. I sad that everything will be much better. But, by the coming of the winter celebrations and the fact that I consumed alcohol in normal quantities I realized that the treatment wasn’t affected. From that moment I realized that I mustn’t be privet of this aliment, cause alcohol consumed in normal dozes can be an aliment.
That is how I managed to finish the treatment until the real disappearing of the lesions. But you mustn’t believe that this happened after night.
There were months, even years (two years and a half) time in which I drank daily this tea.
And from that time (there are over 15 years) I had no problems with Psoriasis.
Until the year 1993 the problem of this sickness didn’t interest me. There were only too persons, which I helped to heal. Some friends told to license this product and to help more people and I decided to do this and that’s what I did.
After obtaining the license of Deniplant, I tried to see if this treatment gives results to the other persons too and I found out that this is possible. So almost 70-80% from the persons who did this treatment with Deniplant had positive results. But there was 20-30% in which the organism didn’t answer. So if after a month or two you don’t see any results, the organism still depends on ointments, the results will be negative.
There were persons who fixed their problems in 5-6 months, but there were persons which are over three years of treatment. I found out that at children the healing was faster then at adults, at grown-ups the organism answers slower.
From the cases I saw tat the treatment’s evolution is the next :
- in the first(as I said) you mustn’t use any more ointments or other medicines for intern of intern or extern use.
As you get on the lesions to force the healing and their falling the surface gets bigger and you heal slower. That is why I tell every patient that is better to not scratch the lesions and don’t force the falling of the lesions.
Attention! In the moment when all the lesions of the surface of the skin disappear, you mustn’t interrupt the treatment imediatlly you must give up in steps, a day yes, a day no time of two months. If in this time don’t appear any points you can give up this tea forever. This thing is really important cause there is the possibility that the skin is healed but the intern problems aren’t.
Even if there are some many years from the time I saw the efficiently of the Deniplant tea, but this gets on the market now, cause I waited to see if this gives results. I won’t talk here about the fixed cases so you to not understand that I try to make commercial. I am connived that you will do the commercial after you will convince of this true and you will want to help other people.
If my theory has some misses, this doesn’t mean that the other patients and I can’t say that we didn’t heal of Psoriasis.
To true what I said and to give trust to the ones who want to use Deniplant I decided that the people who will contact me at 0744 82 78 81 will receive two boxes of tea at the price of one.
So Deniplant which is unique in the world will be also unique by it’s offer.
For other things you can contact me and you will certainly receive the waited answer.
In the ending I will present the way of using Deniplant, which you must respect it so you could have positive answers.
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Alternative medicine


Gheorghe Giurgiu was sick of Psoriasis, and what he suffered impulsion him for making this autoexperiment. He put passion on this way and after lots of spended hours, he created a tea that gave him the waited healing. At the international Exposition for New Tehnics Inventa97’ which was from 17-30 may in Bucharest. He received the golden medal. The Deniplant Tea is a powder of plants, which is good in psoriasis.

The method in Mondial Premier it could save lots of sick people from Romania and the whole world.

It could…cause Mr.Gheorghe Giurgiu needs logistic support, trust from the local medical community and conditions for organizing another parallel experiment. It’s much? It’s less? We don’t know. What we know is that the author of this natural heal against a sickness without real allopathic healing, he’s not a doctor, he’s not a biochemist. He’s just an autodidactic which by all the suffering and his creativity, he could become a pioneer of modern tehnic in healing this sickness. Now days the sickness is treated with ointments, violet razes, PUVA razes or drugs for intern use that only ameliorate the lesions. They don’t action against the intern cause, cause they don’t know the therapeutic way, and that is why the sickness reappears.

With the help of the medicinal plants from the Romanian fauna, without associating this treatment with medicaments or diet, Mr. Giurgiu can action on the mechanisms that generate this sickness. The discovered product has proved his therapeutic valor in other dermatological causes affections like Lupus Eritematos or Zoster Area. It wouldn’t be the first time when a Romanian invents a product that can evoluate the limits of the human knowing. It won’t be bad for anyone if this generous promision to be transformed into hope for sick people of Psoriasis, Lupus Erimatos, Zoster Area or burns of the skin. The interest of some foreign patients in this product could cost us loosing the paternity on this product.

It wouldn’t be the first time when we loose what we have!

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 Psoriasis is s skin disease, frequent which razes difficulties of treatment, at the start of the third millenium. It is present in the village and city.

The disease isn’t contagious. Its apparition can be at any age, even from childhood. Its evolution is chronic. Sometimes the Psoriasis elements resist in all the life of the patient.
The specific elements of the disease with red lesions that appear almost symmetrically, especially on arm, knee the skin from the head. In time they can appear in other places (member’s superior and inferior), if it’s generalizing it means it is a form of generalized Psoriasis.
The base of the treatment it is the one with ointments, creams or solutions based on cignolin etc. This has a local effect, sometimes really fast. But the reappearing is more often and more intense, sometimes even after they give up the treatment with ointments. That’s why some patients have to continue the treatment with ointments, even if those have negative effects sometimes.
Using the Deniplant tea from the Medical Foundation “The Help”, tea licensed by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, the president of the foundation there was healing and disappearing of the lesions in only 6-12 months. The treatment with Deniplant can be used sure, without other prepares or diet.
Even if the treatment with Deniplant is for long last it is easy to be used by the patients at their one homes. and till now there are no negative effects.
All the 500 patient who’ve pass to the foundation can say that this treatment “Deniplant” really has the positive answers that every patient wants.
This is why the foundation received this name “Hope”, to give the patient the hope that he will heal, even if the doctors say that the disease can’t heal.
The patient has the right to know that in Romania a product that could help him.

Principal scientifically researcher Primary Doctor- General Medicin

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Naural product


For fixing some affections of the intern organs was created the product as Nutritional Supliment


Plants and forest fruits as a powder 100% natural


It is a general basic formula

In function of the affection that is followed to be healed this formula is completed with plants specific to those sicknesses

In organic affections like: (hepatite, ulcer gastric, gastrite- acide

bronsite, astm bronsic, guturai, dischinezii biliare alergii medicamentoase sau alimentare)

FRUCTIMET - L1 for liver

FRUCTIMET - K for kidneys

FRUCTIMET - OR for overrenals

FRUCTIMET - L2 for lungs

FRUCTIMET - V for the biliar vezick

FRUCTIMET - S pentru stomach


In exclusivity for intern use 750ml of tea for daily drinking


There aren't any, plants aren't toxic.

Adverse reactions:

Haven't appeared at long usage

The last of the treatment:

In report to the evolution of the sickness.

Vallability term:

2 years kept in a dark place at constant temperature

The alophat medicine established by the doctor and used until the start of the treatment with tea and will interrupt easily as the affection ameliorates[/b]